The tradition of knowledge & flavor

Rissolaria Tradicional is today a reference among the companies of salted products. Born 25 years ago, in Porto on Valentine’s Day, with dedication and passion, manufactures products of excellent craftsmanship that combine rigor with creativity, perfectionism, innovation and diversity of offer.

The company is proud to have a product recognized nationally by the best chefs of traditional Portuguese cuisine.

From its list of loyal customers are part of the largest hotel chains, several prestigious restaurants, renowned confectioners, canteens and colleges.

The secret of this success recipe lies in the hands of the founder Rosa Carvalho, who with art and ingenuity always kept the production totally handmade, thus guaranteeing the high quality.

Portuguese for sure!

Rissolaria Tradicional is today a company with national coverage, with a branch in the capital, which provides distribution in central and southern Portugal. It prides itself in offering the guarantee of high quality traditional products, which have earned the good name and preference of who enjoys and who always tries to maintain. Quality that tastes … and the Chefs recommend it!

Founders couple Rosa Maria and Agostinho Carvalho