1. Is VAT included in the prices?

All prices shown on our websites include VAT.

2. What is the shipping cost?

Rissolaria offers free home deliveries on purchases over €25 in the areas of Oeiras, Sintra, Cascais, Lisbon, Margem Sul, Loures and over €20 in the areas of Espinho, Gaia, Porto, Póvoa do Varzim and Vila do Conde. Outside these areas free home deliveries are not considered.

3. Locations, dates and delivery times

The delivery time will depend on the delivery location:


Monday and Tuesday:

Oeiras, Sintra e Cascais





Tuesday and Wednesday

Porto e Gaia


Almada, Barreiro, Montijo,

Alcochete e Seixal


Póvoa e Vila do Conde


Lisboa e Loures


Porto e Gaia

Orders placed before 3:00 pm the day before the date and place of delivery, will follow the stipulated deadline. If the order is placed after 3:00 pm, the day before the fixed date, the order will continue on the next route day. It is not possible to set specific times for home delivery.

Rissolaria will be able to adjust the delivery date of the goods whenever necessary, and will notify the customer of the same in advance.

Delivery times between 9am and 8pm. Holidays and weekends excluded.

For deliveries outside the mentioned areas, please send an email to loja@rissolariatradicional.com or call 227 162 428.

4. How are the products shipped?

We guarantee that the cold chain is respected, from our production facility until your home.

5. What is the availability of products on the website?

All products on our website are available. Any breaks in stock will be previously informed to customers before delivery.

6. Can I change my order after it has been confirmed?

Once you have placed your order, you can only change the shipping details if it has not yet been shipped. In this case, you should immediately contact our Customer Support Center through the email loja@rissolariatradicional.com, indicating the order number and the new address.

7. Can I cancel an order?

You can only cancel an order if it has not yet been shipped. In this case, you should immediately contact our customer support center through the email loja@rissolariatradicional.com or telephone 227 162 428, indicating the order number.

8. Will I receive a receipt with my order?

Yes, all orders are shipped with the corresponding legal billing document. If you need an invoice with a VAT number, please fill in the form provided at the time of purchase.

9. Can I ask for my order to be delivered to an address other than mine?

Yes, you can define an address other than your own, such as your employment address, or someone with more availability to receive the order, or even the person to whom you want to offer the product (if the person lives in the delivery areas considered).

10. How to prepare Rissolaria Tradicional products?

To learn more about the preparation of our products, please visit https://www.rissolariatradicional.com/how-to-prepare-rissolaria-tradicional-products/?lang=en .

If you have any questions or problems, please contact our Customer Support Center through the email loja@rissolariatradicional.com

11. What happens if my order arrives with a wrong product?

When you receive your order with our distributor, you must check that it is complete/correct. If one or more products received do not match your order, we ask that you immediately return those products to the distributor in order to have the correct product delivered again. After this moment we will not accept returns.

12. Can I return the product if I am not satisfied?

No, all our products are perishable and require special storage conditions (freezing). Therefore, it is not possible for us to accept returns.

13. What are the payment methods?

The payment methods available are: ATM Reference, MBWay or payment on delivery.

14. Is the payment secure?

All payments are guaranteed on our online store. Payment is made by Ifthenpay company. Your bank details are encrypted.

15. Contacts

For more direct contact please use:

Tel: 227 162 428 / 960 451 602
E-mail: loja@rissolariatradicional.com

We will be happy to answer your questions.