In compliance with the information obligation established in article 10 of Decree-Law 7/2004, of 7 January, in the version updated by Law no. 46/2012, of 29 August, designated as Electronic Commerce in the Intern Market and Personal Data Processing Law, Rissolaria Tradicional – Rosa Maria Carvalho Lda., headquartered at Rua da Raposa, 923, 4415-313 Pedroso – Vila Nova De Gaia, Portugal, with share capital of €365,000.00 NIPC nº PT 506 821 501, registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Lisbon under the same number, is the legitimate owner of the official website of the Rissolaria Tradicional brand and whose domain can be found at www.rissolariatradicional.com, presents the General Conditions in order to define the sales conditions between RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL LDA and its customers. Under these general conditions, any natural or legal person who orders on the website www.rissolariatradicional.com, whether a private customer or not, becomes a customer.

By using this website, the user declares to have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions described below, without the need for any subsequent act or consent.

The Sales Conditions may be changed at any time by decision of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL LDA, considering that the changes take effect from the date of their placement on the website.

Access and subsequent use of the website by the user will be considered an unequivocal sign that he has read, accepted and understood the conditions of sale presented.

1. Informação Geral e Titularidade da Plataforma Digital:

RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL is the exclusive owner of the Rissolaria Tradicional online store (www.rissolariatradicional.com) which provides users with the purpose of providing information on all the products it sells and services it provides, as a company with activity in the food sector and in the sale of frozen products where is the provider of the services advertised here.

2. Scope of Application

2.1.Access to and use of the contents of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL digital platforms, products and services imply acceptance of the Terms and Conditions established herein. Nevertheless, RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL reserves the right to modify the presentation, configuration and content of the digital platforms, as well as the conditions required for their access and/or use. Thus, the User of the online store must regularly consult the terms of use.

2.2. The continued use of the website presupposes unreserved acceptance of the changes made to them and submission to the latest version. Therefore, any order will be managed by the General Conditions in use on the respective date.

2.3. The general conditions of sale presented in this document, govern the sale of products from the website www.rissolariatradicional.com on the day of order confirmation. They apply whether the order was placed via Internet, email or telephone.

2.4. There are contents available on digital platforms, as well as the acquisition of certain products and the use of certain services of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL, which are subject to specific terms and conditions that, depending on the case, may be replace, complete and/or modify this Terms and Conditions. In case of contradiction, the Particular Terms and Conditions will prevail over these (general) Terms and Conditions. In this case, the user must carefully read the Specific Terms and Conditions made available for this purpose by RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL.

3. Access

3.1. The Access to the information of the Contents and Services existing on the digital platforms of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL, as well as its navigation, is free, and users are not required to register or subsequently hand over their personal data, nor to use words -access key, unless they want to place orders for deliveries of products or services, in which case they will have to perform a prior registration.

3.2. Access to digital platforms by minors under the age of 13 is prohibited, except for those who have prior and express authorization from their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be considered responsible for the acts performed by minors in their charge, in accordance with the current legislation

4. Copyright and Industrial Property

4.1. The domain name is the exclusive property of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL. Any improper use without authorization constitutes an infringement of the rights conferred by the effect of the registration and will lead to the initiation of a legal action.

4.2. All content and services existing on digital platforms, as well as the digital platforms themselves as a whole, as a multimedia work, are the exclusive property of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL, or third parties, and are protected by Copyright and Related Rights, as well as by Rights of the Industrial Property, under the terms of the applicable legislation, and cannot be used outside the conditions allowed on the digital platforms and without the prior and express consent of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL.

4.3. All texts, images, illustrations, photographs, advertising, brands and other elements of intellectual and industrial property existing on digital platforms are protected by law, being expressly prohibited any copy, reproduction, dissemination or transmission, use, modification, sale, publication, distribution or any other use, in whole or in part, commercial or non- commercial, whatever the means used.

4.4. If a user considers that any of the contents of the digital platforms violate their intellectual property rights, they should send a communication addressed to RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL, to loja@rissolariatradicional.com, with the following information:

  • Claimant’s identification data and means of contact;
  • Documentation evidencing your status as the holder of the allegedly infringed rights;
  • Detailed list of the rights allegedly infringed by RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL and, as far as possible, the exact location of the service or content within the digital platforms;
  • Express statement by the claimant that the use of the contents took place without the authorization of the holder of the allegedly infringed rights.

4.5. RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL authorizes interested parties to use, view, print, download and store the elements inserted in digital platforms exclusively for their personal use, as long as the origin and author of the same are respected, using the copyright symbol and/or the indication of industrial property of their rightful owners. However, the use of such elements, their reproduction, communication and distribution for commercial purposes, as well as any type of modification or alteration, is expressly prohibited.

For any use other than those expressly permitted here, it will be necessary to obtain prior written consent from RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL by contacting us directly with loja@rissolariatradicional.pt.

4.6. The user of digital platforms undertakes to respect the stated rights and to avoid any action that may harm them, reserving RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL, in any case, the right to whatever legal means or actions it may have, to preserve their legitimate copyright and industrial property rights.

5. Responsibility

RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or similar elements in electronic documents and files stored in its computer system and on its website, and therefore cannot be held responsible for any damage caused and derived from the possible presence of viruses and other elements analogous.

6. Product and Price Information

6.1. On the product pages, information is provided in technical data sheets. For more specific information about allergens, please contact loja@rissolariatradicional.com. The information contained on the website does not invalidate the reading of the technical sheet on the product packaging.

6.2. The prices of all products listed in our website and its subdomains are presented in euros, with taxes and fees included, including VAT, corresponding to the rate applicable on the day of ordering. Any change to the applicable VAT type will be immediately reflected in the product prices.

6.2.1. All prices indicated are correct, except data entry error. If an order is placed on an item whose price is incorrect, we reserve the right to cancel the order and immediately refund the amount paid to the customer. RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL cannot be held responsible in the event of a computer, manual, technical or any other error that causes a substantial change not foreseen in the sale price to the public on the website of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL, in this case where this is exorbitant or manifestly negligible, the purchase order will be considered invalid and cancelled and the Customer will be informed of this fact.

6.2.2. Stock outages may occur even after placing the order, a situation that will be duly communicated to the customer, in which case the corresponding return will be made.

6.2.3. RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL reserves the right to change prices at any time. Likewise, prices and promotions shown on our website may vary and their availability may be related to limited time periods. Some offers may have a quantity limit per customer which, if applicable, will always be shown in the specific offer.

7. Purchase Process

7.1. Customer Acceptance
The validation, by the customer, of his order request the express acceptance of these General Sales Conditions. These Conditions apply to the exclusion of all other conditions, unless an agreement signed by both parties. The purchase by internet, email, by telephone also implies the acceptance of the same conditions. They can be read directly on our website. They can also be sent by email at the customer’s request.

7.2. Modification of the General Sales Conditions
RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL LDA reserves the right to change the conditions of use or other regulations published on our website without prior notice. Therefore, you should regularly consult the conditions of use, since the continued use of the website presupposes unreserved acceptance of the changes made to them and subjection to the latest version. The version of this regulation does not have a precise date, orders are thus managed by the General Conditions in use and therefore in force on the date of order.

7.3. Product Availability
Our product and price offers are valid as long as they are visible on the website www.rissolariatradicional.com/?lang=en.
More information can be provided by email at loja@rissolariatradicional.com.

7.4. Validity of Rissolaria Products
RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL LDA products are valid for 18 months after production. Store the product at a temperature equal to or less than -18ºC. After thawing, do not refreeze. Failure to comply with storage instructions may result in microbiological, physical and organoleptic alteration of the product.

7.5. Orders
When the customer places his order through the website, he must fill in the form presented. Before validating the order, you must reread the form to confirm the data. RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL LDA is not responsible for errors in sending emails, nor for errors in sending orders due to incorrectly filled forms.

7.5.1. Order confirmation
The order confirmation is sent to the customer by automatic email, to the e-mail address indicated in the form, if it does not show any error.

7.5.2. Order Cancellation
Order cancellation is only possible if it has not yet been sent by the services of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL.

For cancellations, you must immediately contact our customer support line through Tlf. 00351 00351 22716 24 28, or to the email loja@rissolariatradicional.com, always indicating the order number and address.

7.6. Payment methods
Buying at RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL is safe, easy and convenient. Purchases follow verified safety protocols, simple and practical steps. It is possible to pay with MB WAY, ATM, bank transfer or cash payment upon delivery.

If you choose a bank transfer, our IBAN is as follows: BPI – IBAN PT50 0010 0000 3800 1450 0056 0.

7.7. Our Refund Policy
The products sold by RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL are food products and, therefore, perishable. For this reason, we ask the customer to inspect the product upon delivery.

RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL assumes the duty of restitution in case of products damaged in transit or by missing goods. It does not, however, assume this duty for reasons of taste or change of preference. In case of dissatisfaction with any of the items in your order, or any part of the delivery service, please contact us by phone 00351 22716 24 28 – or send us your message using the contact form available on our website.

If a wrong item is delivered to you, please let us know as soon as possible and always with a maximum time of 12 hours. If you want to replace the wrong item with the item you ordered, we will ship the correct product as soon as possible.

8. Invoice

The purchase order made online by the customer does not replace the invoice. Any order will be shipped to the customer together with the invoice.

9. Shipping

9.1. Packaging
The products are shipped using our own transport, which ensures that the cold chain is respected throughout the entire journey, from our production/storage unit to your home.

9.2. Confirmation
Once your order is placed on the website, an automatic order confirmation email will be sent. The order will only be processed after confirmation of your payment.

10. Delivery

10.1. Place, Deadline and Time of Delivery
The delivery time will depend on the place of delivery:


Monday and Tuesday:

Oeiras, Sintra e Cascais





Tuesday and Wednesday:

Porto e Gaia


Almada, Barreiro, Montijo,

Alcochete e Seixal


Póvoa e Vila do Conde


Lisboa e Loures


Porto e Gaia

10.2. Orders placed before 3pm on the day prior to the delivery date will be shipped according to the stipulated route period. Orders placed after 3 pm on the day before the scheduled delivery date will continue on the next day of the route.

It is not possible for RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL to fix the exact time of arrival of home delivery.

10.3.Deliveries will always be made between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm, excluding holidays and weekends.

10.4. For deliveries outside the areas mentioned in the check out, location/district section, please send an email to loja@rissolariatradicional.com or call 00351 22716 24 28

10.5.Rissolaria may adjust the delivery date of the goods whenever necessary, pledging to notify the customer of this change in advance.

10.6. Orders are delivered to the delivery address indicated by the customer in the purchase order.

10.7. Your telephone number is included in the documentation so that the courier can contact you in case of any questions regarding the delivery address (or if you do not answer the door).

10.8. Order delivery
All orders delivered must be subject to verification and control by the customer.

The customer has the right to refuse the order if it is partially or totally damaged. The confirmation of the good state of the product is considered positive as soon as the goods are delivered without refusal.

11. Force Majeure Events

In case of exceptional events that delay or prevent the delivery of orders, RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL LDA will inform the customer of the delivery status.

12. Customer Support

At any time, the customer may contact the customer support service through the followingm contacts PORTO: 00351 227 162 428, LISBON: 00351 214 264 569 from 10 am to 12:30 pm andmfrom 2 pm to 6 pm every weekday. RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL is registered on the Online Complaints Book Platform, so any customer can access it by clicking here or accessing the page www.livroreclamacoes.pt/inicio.

13. Law and Jurisdiction

The Terms and Conditions of Use of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL’s Digital Platforms, as well as the relationships established between RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL and the user/client, are governed by Portuguese legislation in force. Any dispute that may arise between RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL and the user/client will be submitted to the courts of the District of Vila Nova de Gaia, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that can correspond to them.

In the event of a dispute, the Customer may also resort to the Resolução Alternativa de Litígios de consumo entities identified on the consumer portal, on the website www.consumidor.pt or the Resolução de Litígios de Consumo em Linha entities identified on the website www.ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr

The currently existing alternative dispute resolution entities are:

More information can be obtained from the Consumer Portal at www.consumidor.pt

You can also submit your complaint in our online complaints book with the following access link: Início – livroreclamacoes.pt.

14. Disclaimer

RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL rejects any responsibility for any damages, direct, indirect and/or accidental, resulting from the use or inability of the user to use the contents and services contained in the digital platforms.

RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL does not guarantee to the users:

(i)   The continuity of existing content and services on digital platforms;

(ii)   The absence of errors in the content;

(iii)   The absence of viruses and other components that could cause damage to the digital platforms or the server that offers it;

(iv)   The lack of usefulness or performance of the digital platforms contents;

(v)   Damages or losses caused, to himself or to a third party, by any person who violates the conditions, rules and instructions that RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL establishes on digital platforms through the vulnerability of their security systems.

Likewise, RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL does not guarantee continued access or correct viewing, downloading or use of elements and information on its digital platforms that may be obstructed, hindered or interrupted by factors or circumstances beyond its control.

RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL does not guarantee, expressly or implicitly, the quality, accuracy, timeliness, authenticity or good form of the contents of its digital platforms, and is not responsible for any claims, penalties, losses, direct or indirect damages or lost profits that may arise either from the use or inability to use its digital platforms, or from unauthorized access or alteration thereof, unless the prices indicated for the products and services it sells.


  • That it has taken all necessary measures, within its possibilities and the current state of technology, to ensure the normal functioning of its digital platforms.
  • Does not guarantee the compatibility of the contents existing on digital platforms with all computer systems, other devices and internet browsers existing so far or that may exist in the future.

RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL does not control and is not responsible for any illegal, offensive or defamatory conduct of its users.

15. Information and Sent Messages

In case the user sends information of any kind to RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL through digital platforms, it declares and guarantees that it has the right to do so freely, that such information does not infringe any copyright, trademark, patent, or any other right of a third party, that such information is not confidential and is not harmful to third parties.

The user assumes responsibility and will indemnify RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL for any communication made personally or on its behalf.

If the user sends messages to RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL that are published on its digital platforms, including social networks, RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL does not assume responsibility for their content and reserves the right to edit them.

RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL appeals to the common sense of the user to make any forum on our digital platforms a space for criticism, comment and responsibility. When used by minors, they must be assisted by their parents, guardians or legal representatives. The use of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL’s services implies the recognition and acceptance of these rules.

RISSOLARIA TRADITIONAL is authorized to use all ideas, concepts, techniques or know-how, resulting from the user’s communication through our digital platforms, freely and independently of the respective purpose, including the development, production or commercialization of products based on this information

16. Hyperlinks

16.1. From RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL’s digital platforms to third-party platforms
RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL clarifies that the hyperlinks, or links, that the user finds on third- party digital platforms through different buttons, banners, etc. that are hosted on RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL’s digital platforms are managed by third parties. RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL does not know, control or approve all information, content, products or services emerging from other digital platforms.

RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL does not assume any responsibility for any aspect related to the digital platforms of third parties, in which a link has been established from the digital platforms of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL, specifically and by way of enunciation, about its operation, access, information, quality and reliability of its products and services, and any type of content in general.

The existence of any type of hyperlink from the digital platforms of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL, to another digital platform not related to RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL, does not imply that there is any type of relationship, collaboration or dependence between RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL and those responsible for other digital platforms.

16.2. From third-party digital platforms to RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL’s digital platforms
Any user who wishes to establish a link from their digital platforms to the digital platforms of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL must comply with the following conditions:

  • The hyperlink may only go to the Main Page (Home Page) of the digital platforms of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL, unless expressly authorized in writing by RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL to the contrary.
  • The link must be complete, that is, in no case the website that performs the link is allowed to imitate or reproduce, in part or in whole, or to include, the digital platforms of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL as part of its page or within a landmark, or even create a “browser” on any of the pages on the website, in such a way as to create a risk of confusion or association, collaboration or joint venture, between the digital platforms of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL and the platforms third-party digital
  • The page that establishes the link will not be able to declare in any way that RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL has authorized such link, unless it has done so expressly and in writing.
  • RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL does not authorize the hyperlinking of digital platforms originating from web pages that contain illicit, illegal, degrading, obscene materials, information or content, and in general, contrary to morals, good customs, public order, or that violate rights of third parties.

RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL reserves the right to prohibit at any time any link to its digital platforms and, when required, the user will be obliged to immediately modify or remove any hyperlink, content or distinctive sign owned by RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL.

17. Cookies

To know the applicable rules regarding cookies, please consult the Cookies Policy of RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL, available here.

18. Privacy Policy

To learn more about RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL’s data protection policy, see RISSOLARIA TRADICIONAL’s Privacy Policy, available here.